We prepare static calculations in building construction and construction engineering for you- However, the widely used term “structural engineer” only describes a small field in the large area of structural design. Structural planning is not only working on the static calculations (the statics). Proof of durability, fire resistance, of deformation and deflections must also be provided – and those are just a few examples out of many.

Proof of durability is about designing buildings for a durability of 50 or more years. This is achieved by using special constructions such as a sufficient concrete covering in steel reinforcement in reinforced concrete construction. In this context, however, it also depends on the special wishes of the client as to whether the building is to be operated for fifty or one hundred years or much longer.

Purpose of the fire resistance assessment is to give the occupants sufficient time to escape the building in case of a fire. In timber construction, we are able to calculate the cross-section reduction due to burnup. The structural integrity in case of fire is regulated by laws and regulations and not negotiable due to its relevance for life and limb. Nevertheless, sophisticated detection methods, especially in existing structures, may be used to preserve existing structures. We use state of the art software systems that allow us to perform complex computational procedures for the maintenance or creation of lean structural elements.

The deformation analysis ensures that you can enter a building feeling safe and without fear that the ceiling literally “falls on your head”, due to the large deflections of it. We can also calculate special analyses, such as the change in reinforced concrete as cracking begins (transition to “state II”), to give you and your occupants a feeling of security.

As you can see a structural engineer can perform much more tasks for your projects regarding new or old buildings than just doing the pure calculations with the help of statistical programs. This great variety of possible activity fields are what makes this person to a structural engineer.

And the scope of the tasks we do is even larger: Dynamic – not static – analyses might be necessary in the vicinity of stairs and bridges as well as in areas where earthquakes are possible, which are areas that also exist in Germany. This is important so that buildings are sufficiently safe even in the event of an earthquake in areas like the tectonic rift of the Rhine starting from Düsseldorf and Cologne through Aachen, Bonn, Koblenz and Frankfurt and in the region around Gera, Leipzig and Chemnitz.

We will develop stable load-bearing structures and building structures for you. All this is also possible on the basis of modern building materials, sophisticated floor plans and the economic requirements that have changed construction. Through training and continuing education, we keep up to date, keep an eye on costs and, together with our colleagues from the fields of architecture and other specialist planning disciplines, design a structure that is fully tailored to your needs.

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