The distinguishing feature of the appraiser is an extraordinary expert knowledge, as well as an above-average expert skill. We have acquired both through many years of experience and continuing professional development.

We prepare expert reports for you for all areas of possible building damage. Irrespective of whether the errors were made already in the planning stage for your new building or whether you have a dispute with the insurance company or your neighbours.

An expert opinion is about answering your questions. Those could range from “Did the craftsman and the construction company do it right?” over “Does the insurance company have to pay for this even though the regulator said ‘No’?” and up to “How do we renovate this, and what will it cost?”

When assessing the performance of work by craftsmen and construction companies, the aim is usually to avoid legal disputes. But even if an amicable solution can no longer be found, we will be happy to support you in your presentation in front of the court. This can help you to convince the court and also the court expert of your case.

In the case of insurance claims, it sometimes happens that a possibly inexperienced regulator contacts you and tries to keep the loss as small as possible. Don’t let yourself be defeated and insist on your rights. We help you to put emphasis and technical finesse to your requirements. Especially in the case of damages due to fire, pipe bursts, storm and other natural hazards, your claims may be considerably greater than what your insurer offers you. Support and supervision of the restoration are also part of our services.

With regard to possible repairs and costs, we not only evaluate the components, we can also serve with the next step – the repair and maintenance planning. You find more information regarding repair and maintenance planning on our subpage “Maintenance Planning”.

The vast field of “damage to buildings” includes not only the supporting structure (i.e. the structural integrity) but also the sealing of buildings against pressing or temporarily standing seepage water, the subsoil conditions and the foundations; mould and wood pests, as well as sound insulation. The special expertise of the expert and extensive information are of fundamental importance, especially in the case of mould. Not only can mould make you ill, it can also pose special risks when certain pre-existing conditions are present. This also concerns you in the case of pipe bursts and damage to water pipes affecting your supply system, disposal system and heating system.

Our core areas of expertise are:

  •     Need for clarification with regard to static calculations
  •     Defects and damage to reinforced concrete and masonry components
  •     Structural integrity and fitness for use of buildings
  •     Structural integrity and fitness for use of engineering constructions (please also refer to Building Inspections)
  •     Dynamic analyses, also for earthquake stress
  •     Damage to buildings
  •     Insured loss
  •     Counter-assessment in cases of initial assessments done by dubious regulators
  •     Counter-assessment in court for the preservation of evidence on buildings

We also offer comprehensive advice in the area of private assessments. The services we offer before construction begins and during construction are:

  •     Feasibility Studies
  •     Consultation in static-constructive questions
  •     Review of static calculations
  •     Optimisation of load-bearing structures
  •     Construction supervision